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A note from the author:

I lived in the stories of The Spectacle of Let for multiple years, created, and fell in love with its characters, their human nature and otherworldly dreams, and ambitions. I laughed out loud, sometimes uncontrollably at their folly and antics but welled up with tears when I recognized distant sentiments—­memories of family and friends, especially from childhood, as they heartened my fiction.  

I constantly worked and revised the cadence and rhythm of my writing, all to support the expanding odyssey, its complexity, and episodic leaps. The entire saga, from beginning to end, emboldened by an obsession to reimagine the marvel of Creation and the unbound possibilities of a one-word poem. An inspiration adopted by my heroine, Niva Miramontes, “who speaks with uncommon conviction. In the beginning,” she insists, “God said Let, and the rest…is just a spectacle.”

I am delighted to share these books with you—the fantastic stories as told by Otto Cristóbal Almeida, Alicia Caliópa Almeida, and the incomparable enigma, Niva Miramontes. Thank you. Samuel Zamarripa

In his debut series, The Spectacle of Let, Samuel Zamarripa revisits the promise of human imagination through the haze of infatuation and love—just out of reach.

From an emotional pedestal in his opening chapters, full of lust and desire, he catapults his readers into a generational saga, an odyssey of the Portuondo family, their salacious past and journey to redemption. 

Suspending rules along the way, he ignores boundaries and crosses borders, while enchanting us with the spoils of an unbridled creativity—a trio of unseen colors, a silent language of cats, and the revelation that miracles have a soul. 

 Endearing, as it is original, The Spectacle of Let—books one and two—will leave you parsing words anew. Rethinking the very nature of imagination while marveling at the prospect that the Creation itself is still unfolding.