What is an Oliet?

An oliet can appear to be more than just one thing.

Writers love words, or at least the feelings and emotions behind them.  I love the idea that one day a word I coined will be in the dictionary.  If so, perhaps it will read like this:

Oliet | Noun | O-li-et | \ 'Ō-lee-et \

Popularity: unknown + emerging

  1. A truth of a different kind, a trilogy of sorts, a spectacle of fiction invading life by day and commandeering one’s dreams in the dark of night, then slowly letting go, leaving an indelible mark.

Origins:  2013 – 2017; American Literature, English.  The word first appeared in The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit by Samuel Zamarripa, Floricanto Press 2017.