Peachtree & Ponce: My Literary Debut

The fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, is located at the corner of Peachtree Road and Ponce de Leon Avenue: a historic crossroads, the symbolic intersection of Gone with the Wind and the Fountain of Youth. To me, it has always represented a curious junction of my undeniable Southern roots and spirited Latino heritage.

This high-contrast corner seemed an ideal crossing, the perfect allegorical spot to reference as I introduce my first novel.  A fantastical untold story of a one-word poem, the first spoken word of God, entitled, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit. 

In this first book of a series, I embraced a fanciful and imaginative narrative, a magical style and genre common among many Latin American and Spanish writers. It is my best effort to honor a fantastic literary tradition while discovering my own contemporary American voice.

To those who have known me at different times and places, perhaps this confluence of perspective and culture was obvious all along, or at least understood.  To strangers who have found their way to this literary debut, I hope it gives you reason to read on!

Now available on Amazon

— Samuel Zamarripa, author

Next post: "What is an Oliet?" coming Friday, May 12.