There must be a book—somewhere a story—about the way words enhance and breathe life into music. Imagine a little girl, all dressed in yellow, listening, discovering a lovely concierto, its every lilting turn perfectly married in shape and form to a poem. The words and music together an open window, an enchanting vista. She turns to look and feels more than she sees. 

While writing The Spectacle of Let, music always drifted in the background. The compositions and instrumental art of gifted composers—Howard, Sirjacq, Brambles, Santaolalla, Sieber, Missian, Kodomo, Tsutsumi, Shavngiradze, Paterlini, Massive Attack, and more. There were moments when music fell in love with words and moments when words fell in love with music. I wrote and felt more than I understood. 

A playlist was born while I imagined The Spectacle of Let. Years in the making, you can find this assemblage on Spotify:

 The Spectacle of Let Playlist or The Voice of the Looking Mountains.
Pass it on!